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Our Director, Bill Kostandas is an insightful business and marketing strategist with numerous CEO roles for professional sports organisations and is a most sought after Strategic Growth Advisor for the Sports Industry.

Bill is a passionate, innovative and results driven executive with an exceptional track record in creating and executing innovative strategies enabling organisations to achieve optimal results.

Bill has instilled his passion, energy, and innovative and entrepreneurial mentality as well as his positive work ethic into his team with the ultimate focus being on client satisfaction and success.

Avoid Blind Spots And Place Your Organisation On The Right Path For Long-Term Sustainability!


You’re probably a business leader in a sports organisation whose role is to help grow the business. That can include everything from improving participation to increasing membership through to expanding the profile or maybe even securing more funds from the government.

As you probably know, the sports industry is a unique one, in that your product is everything wrapped around your team and brand.


But in this day and age of disruption and the sports industry morphing into the entertainment industry, new challenges are creating headwinds which slow the growth of many sports organisations.

In this groundbreaking book for sports industry leaders, you’ll discover:


  • How to generate additional revenue streams

  • Ways to increase your digital offering

  • Strategies for increasing your value proposition

  • How (and when) to develop and implement growth strategies

  • How to maximise your core values and deliver value for money