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Lack of Governance in Sport Organisations can lead to 'injury'

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

There is a distinct lack of governance in some sport organisations. No Governance Framework or Policy in place.

A lack of governance creates issues with Board members not knowing their roles and interfering too much in the operational side of the organisation. Poor decisions are made through a lack of governance, which leads to organisation objectives not being met. There is a clear lack of transparency, people are focused on their own individual agendas and risk management is not a priority.

These organisations need to develop and implement a solid Governance Framework or Policy that articulates the accountability and transparency expected of the Board and officials. The Framework should include, but not be limited to the following; a Code of Conduct, responsibilities and expectations, a clear decision-making process, ethics and integrity, financial management processes and transparency, a risk management policy, people management, and communication protocols.

This will result in Board, officials and staff understanding and knowing their roles, responsibilities and expectations. Legislation will be adhered to and of course there is a high likelihood that the Organisation’s objectives will be met or at least heading in the right direction in achieving their targets/goals.

Funnily enough most of the successful sport organisations tend to have good governance in place!

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