The Cut Golf Club

The Cut Golf Course engaged Bill's to provide a range of services for The Cut Golf Club. During this term, Bill undertook and executed a range of activities including preparing and obtaining Board approval for:

Strategic Plan:

* Organisational Structure including duty statements for all management and staff;
* KPI targets;
* Introduction of a comprehensive reporting process for monthly Board meetings;
* Repositioning of all  the membership categories;
* Arranging Board presentation of a comprehensive Marketing Plan that is ready to be immediately implemented; and
* Fulfilling a range of other duties as expected of an Executive with reporting responsibilities to a Board of Directors.

Bill executed all his tasks in a highly professional and competent manner, meeting all of the Board-agreed timelines; and provided well thought-out, clear and concise recommendations. He proved he could be relied upon to implement Board decisions appropriately and on schedule.


Bill has a relaxed, friendly and easy-going manner and proved his capability to work well alongside Boards, Staff, Members and all other stakeholders. I highly recommend Bill and his Consultancy practice."


Maurice Brand, Chairman
The Cut Golf Club

West Australian Football Commission Pathways & Competitions

Just thought I'd make contact as we approach Round 14 of the 2014 West Australian Football League qualifying season, and in doing so acknowledge the excellent progress Peel Thunder has made under your management.

The inaugural season of the Partner Model was always going to present challenges, particularly in the first half of the season; however via your leadership the Peel Thunder Football Club has stabilized its position both on and off the field.

Importantly performances across all 3 grades to date have been very encouraging and the club is now well placed to capitalize upon the foundations that are now in place.

Steve Hargrave, General Manager, 
West Australian Football Commission Pathways & Competitions

Fred Marrone, Director, Football Federation Northern Territory

As CEO of Football Federation NT, Bill brought a complete fresh approach to the management of football in the NT, resulting in an excellent relationship with all its key stakeholders including the FFNT's three member zones, having football admitted into the Northern Territory Institute of Sport Program, and introducing a clear pathway for player and coach development.

Bill's contribution was invaluable in assisting me and the Northern Territory Government deliver the Timor Sea Cup – a tournament hosted in Dili in 2010. Bill displayed a clear understanding of cross cultural sensitivities whilst at the same time creating a stronger people to people link between the three jurisdictions (Northern Territory, Timor-Leste and Nusa Tenggara Timor) involved."


Fred Marrone, Director,  
Football Federation Northern Territory

Paul Parker, ex Manchester United FC & England

I first met Bill in 2009 when I relocated to Darwin to become involved in football.

This was a much tougher job than I expected but I was amazed at Bill's passion for the game and his support for NT football which is nowhere near the first sport there! Bill worked relentlessly to try to run a cohesive group of teams and worked hard to keep NT football on the map. There were many big personalities involved in NT football and Bill and his team did a great job in mediating lots of different issues in order to keep the FFNT running smoothly.


Bill was instrumental in helping my family and I to get our PR status in Australia for me then to become part the FFNT coaching team. Our aim was to lift the status of NT football in Australia. Bill believed there was a raw talent that could be developed to help young players realise their full potential and possibly help them to pursue their dreams and play A league football.


Bill has a real enthusiasm for sport and whatever he becomes involved in he gives 100%. He is a good people person. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Bill and in my opinion with his ability and knowledge he would be an asset to any company.


Paul Parker, 
ex- Manchester United FC and England

Sulav Saha, Senior Business Analyst, St George Bank

Bill is a talented manager always able to provide valuable input that is respected by his peers. He generates a positive culture and has the ability to develop productive and lasting relationships.

Sulav Saha, Senior Business Analyst, St George Bank

George Giannaros, President Sydney Olympic Football Club

In his capacity as Hed of Football Competitions & Futsal, Bill was our main contact point at Football NSW along with his staff. Under Bill's control all competitions were run professionally and efficiently with a strong focus on customer service.

Bill's leadership, vision and strategic thinking moved the game forward in the State of NSW to the point whereby the Leagues are now one of the best run.


His demeanour by assisting the Clubs wherever he could and also his caring for their welfare and that of the sport bode well with all of his stakeholders and I could see why he was such an important appointment to Football NSW."

George Giannaros, President, Sydney Olympic Football Club

Steve Goodwin, Secretary Macarthur District Soccer Football Association/Macarthur Rams

Bill was the first CEO appointed by the Board of the Macarthur District Football Association/Macarthur Rams.


In his time with us he enhanced the organisation's performance by developing and introducing cost efficient business processes and procedures, devising and implementing more efficient administrative processes and practices, engendering a culture of commercial realism, good management practices and social values and ensuring that the Board's decisions were based on sound analysis in the best long term interests of the organisation.

Steve Goodwin, Secretary MDSFA/Macarthur Rams

Tony Peters, Executive Manager Football NSW

Bill is a very astute sports administrator. Sports Administration is full of well meaning, hardworking people with good intentions.  The professionals are few and far between.

Bill is the consummate professional. His pedigree speaks for itself.


I worked alongside Bill at Football NSW; the biggest sporting organisation in Australia and with it came many challenges and frustrations. Bill added an extra dimension with his experience, his knowledge and much appreciated sense of humour during what at times were stressful situations.

That experience and knowledge has built up over time and helped him in his "key" roles of responsibility.


He is unique in that his skill set covers both the sporting and business areas.


Being the Chief Executive Officer of any organisation be it in business or sporting is an achievement in itself.  It is the top dog role. The position many aspire to but, only the very few become. Part of being a CEO and the decision maker is leadership. Bill provides this to all the teams he heads up. He was able to pacify a volatile football environment at Football NSW with his engaging personal qualities.


A balanced, well-credentialed CEO requires financial acumen. It is a must when being responsible for an organisations overall finances. With his background in business and sport he is the complete package covering all the essential elements needed to lead any group or organisation.


Bill Kostandas is a true example of a "Greek boy who done good."     

Tony Peters, Executive Manager Football NSW

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